A gang of six join the challenge

This weekend I wanted to profile a very inspiring gang of six that committed to the Winter B-icicle Challenge last week. This gang is a family of six (A Simple Six) from West Virginia in the US. In April 2011 Stacey and Brent (and their four kids) decided to sell their van and go ‘car lite‘ for a year. To do this they have taken to riding their bikes almost everywhere all year.

A Simple Six

A Simple Six have been great with their involvement in the Winter B-icicle Challenge and have sent in some great tips, including home made balaclavas two of the kids wore to school on the eve of the B-icicle Challenge.

The family’s website, A Simple Six, tracks the different modes of transport they use each week and it’s impressive how much detail is provided. When Stacey (the mom/mum of A Simple Six) decided to embark on the car-lite journey she knew it would involve:

Creating new habits, manifesting new routines, using new service providers, and shopping at different stores must be a part of the process. This family of six was going to have to change our ways.

The motivation to go car lite also stemmed from deeper desires about the kind of life she wanted for herself and her family:

 I want more experiences, greater health, wholeness and well-being. These were my desires for my family. Selling our van was one effort I could make in this process.

What I really like about A Simple Six, is the recognition that we need to shift the way we live and ‘create new habits’ in order for sustainable living to be achieved. This is a core motivation behind the Winter B-icicle Challenge. It may not be comfortable riding to work everyday in winter but it does push us to actively change our lifestyles.

Lane Change is delighted to have such an inspiring family join in on the Winter B-icicle Challenge. I know if I start to feel the cold and start dragging my feet I’ll only have to think of Stacey and Brent and their 4 children for a bit of inspiration.

All images are by A Simple Six


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